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Acid Reflux Prevention
Taking control of Acid reflux
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Taking Control of Acid Reflux via Life style changes

You do have a choice and you can control acid reflux when you introduce the following healthy habits to your daily routine.

Reduce stress from home and work by exercising regularly. Take a walk, do some moderate cardio exercises, or enroll in a yoga class. Explore other avenues of relaxation that fits well with your interest to help reduce pressure and anxiety, reduce stress, worry less.

Drink a glass of water with your coffee or drink, it balances the pH a bit right away and helps to counter the dehydration caused by caffeine and alcohol at the same time.

Try to have more meals a day in smaller portions. Eating on the run or eating your meal while driving does not support a healthy digestion. Slow down, focus on your meal, and enjoy it!

Know what to eat. Take note of the foods that can trigger acid reflux. That means less sweets, fatty meals and acidic foods and more healthful choices like vegetables and alkaline diet

Consider taking a nurturing pH balancer daily.